Season 4: The Good Fight

Season 4: The Good Fight

Welcome to the good fight i.e. showing up together, learning how to roll with the punches and having the courage to stay in the ring when life gets tough. This season we will focus on building momentum within each moment to make each day count. Unbreakable, unshakable, unstoppable.

Below you can find our fourth 12 round season. Each round varies in length of 20, 30, and 50 minutes, equipment optional, no boxing experience necessary. In this season you will find 4 classes of each of the following:

HIIT IT HARD - boxing x conditioning
HEAVYWEIGHT - boxing x strength
THE MAIN EVENT - boxing x strength + conditioning (50 min classes)

Complete all 12 rounds, earn your fourth KO.

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Season 4: The Good Fight

    Boxing x Total Body Conditioning - 30 mins
    Equipment: none (hand weights optional)
    Suggested Playlist:
    Combo: 123 D65-2 SS32

    PLAYBOOK (what to expect):
    Fast paced, body weight conditioning workout
    Focus: building on combos/movement patterns ...


    Boxing x Total Body Strength - 20 mins
    Equipment: 1 Heavy DB (hand weights optional)
    Suggested Playlist:
    Combo: 1212-32 D6523

    PLAYBOOK (what to expect):
    3 major rounds
    Total body strength training
    Shadowbox conditioning building on the combo: ...